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This semester has been awesome. Adjusting to college life was every bit as difficult as I thought it would be, if not more. But having 23 other people right there with you every step of the way made it seem like so much less of a burden. We all supported the crap out of each other this semester, and I’m really glad that we all got the chance to do that. The past 3 months have been the best of my life and I have this class to thank for that. I learned a lot about myself, about my strengths and weaknesses, and I hope everyone else had just as much of a fulfilling experience this semester. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I’m starting to look at business and marketing in a different light, so maybe I’ll explore around there and see what I find. Or maybe I’ll do what I came here to do and join the drumline and be a music major. Whatever ends up happening in the next few months, I know that I’m gonna do my best to enjoy myself and keep on rollin’. Man I love college.

Power Poses

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I thought the power poses video was very interesting. I had no idea that the way you sit literally affects the chemical balances (or imbalances) in your body and makes you act differently than you would otherwise. I’m almost constantly looking at my phone or crossing my arms when I sit, except when I’m driving or taking notes. Even then I might subconsciously cross my ankles or something. I’m doing it right now.
I didn’t know that power poses and powerless poses even existed, but after watching the video I can definitely see the truth in what’s being said. I sat back with my hands behind my head for the second half of the video and by the end I felt great. I think this is just another perfect example of just how powerful the human mind can be. And the animal mind for that matter, it’s a completely universal concept and it can be applied to almost any situation. Of course you actually need arms and legs to strike a power pose, so I guess it doesn’t really apply to people or animals with no arms or legs.
I’m definitely going to try and make a conscious effort to power pose more often, I find myself hunched over my phone or crossing my arms way too often. If I can do that, I think I’ll find that I’ll not only be more successful in my day to day life, but I’ll feel better about myself, more confident. Power poses rule.

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The video we watched in class on monday was very interesting. I had seen an earlier version of the did you know videos, so some of the facts presented were familiar, but it was still crazy to think about all the different aspects of our world that were presented. Perhaps in just a few years, China or India could take over the world with their smart people, and we as dumb Americans would be powerless to stop them. India has more honors kids than America has kids. That one probably blew my mind the most. I mean I know Americans aren’t the smartest people in the world but come on, we should be doing better than this. It really makes you think about where we’re headed as a country and as a world. We’re being taught skills for jobs that don’t exist yet, careers that aren’t out there yet. There are already enough career choices I can make, and the fact that I haven’t even had my first job yet is kind of unsettling. I’m not completely worried about my future career, though. I feel pretty confident that I’ll find something I love that will hopefully also help me rake in the dough. All in all, I think we as Americans need to raise our standards of education and at least try to start to catch up to China and India. Or else we could very easily find ourselves in a less than favorable predicament when it comes to who’s working for who.

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Shelby’s presentation had lots of good info on substance abuse. I was surprised to learn about some of the facts stated in the slideshow, especially those concerning the surprisingly high number of alcohol-related student deaths and injuries. I was also interested reading about how prescription drugs taken my someone they are not subscribed to are considered illegal. It makes sense, it just wasn’t something that ever came to mind when I ever heard the words illegal drugs. I also didn’t know about the resources available on campus. Substance abuse is probably one of those things more people should know about. If that was the case, it seems like less people would ultimately injure themselves or die. Or maybe not, maybe we as humans are even more likely to do something we’ve been told not to do. If that’s the case, shouldn’t we be telling people to do the things we’re told not to do? Reverse psychology doesn’t work in all cases, but if the point of some dumb teenager smoking is to be rebellious, wouldn’t it make sense for him to NOT want to smoke if it was the norm? It’s all just food for thought at this point, I don’t actually think we should tell kids to drink and smoke. But maybe if we didn’t suppress it as avidly as we do in America, we would find ourselves in a world where not so many people die from drunk driving accidents or overdoses. Like Europe. Let’s be like Europe.

Also, Shelby’s presentation:

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Are You Safe?
Ask yourself these questions:
~Do you walk alone at night to your car?
~Do you purchase things online?
~Do you post personal information like your phone number on Facebook or Twitter?
Throughout our post you will learn about the different precautions and methods used to protect yourself from personal security dangers in a variety of situations.
There have been multiple aggressive assaults and robberies on campus since the school year has been in session. Are you taking the proper safety precautions on campus?
There are many safety resources available to UNT students on campus, you just have to be aware of them.
  • The UNT campus has over 50 emergency phones that have been strategically installed throughout the campus. Look for a green pole with a blue strobe light and the word “EMERGENCY” stenciled on three sides.  They are operated by a single button and, when activated, immediately connect you to the UNT police dispatcher.
  • E-ride late night transportation services are free to students and are a convenient way to get where you need to go without walking alone. E-ride is in operation from 9pm-2am 7 days a week, excluding holidays. Just call 940-565-3014 and your ride will be there in around ten minutes. The drivers will be in uniform.
  • As a student there are presentations offered to you by the University of North Texas Police Department. Some of them include; General Self Defense Program, SHARP (Sexual Harassment And Rape Prevention), Campus Safety & Personal Awareness Presentation, and Protocol for Handling Disruptive Individuals Presentation.
Whether you know it or not, your online integrity and safety is almost constantly at risk of being compromised. Are you taking the proper safety precautions online? Many people are not aware of the different measures they can take when it comes to protecting themselves from identity theft and other online security threats.
About 8 million Americans are the victims of identity theft each year. That’s about 1 person every 3 seconds. According to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, 40% of US households have been affected by viruses, and more than 24 million US households experience heavy spam. 1 million US households have lost money or had accounts misused by phishing methods. The estimated cost to US households for viruses, spyware and phishing is upwards of $4.5 billion. What can you do to protect yourself?
  • Hide your IP address. An IP address reveals seemingly harmless information such as your city, state, zip code, and what browser you’re using, which can be exploited by online thieves. Consider installing software that hides your IP address, and therefore your identity and online activities, from criminals, search engines, and advertisers.
  • Use Wi-Fi protection. Virus protection and protection against malicious software don’t protect you from cyber-criminals who might be lurking on unsecured connections. Make sure that you don’t reveal any sensitive identity information (passwords, bank account numbers, etc) while on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.
  • Think twice before you type. Posts are permanent, public and exploitable. Once your information is out there, it’s out there for good. Sometimes by talking about your cat, you could be revealing more than just his sleeping patterns, you may be revealing your email password.

Follow all of the steps mentioned and you will find yourself feeling more at ease about your personal security on campus and online. Do your best to keep up with the newest methods and procedures to stay as safe as you can be. Our world is constantly adapting and becoming more advanced, but so are the methods by which someone can be taken advantage of. Criminals are always coming up with new ways to rob you and take advantage of you, so do what you can to fully and effectively protect you and your loved ones. Make a habit of going through a checklist of important items you may need to have with you before you leave to walk to your car at night. Install firewalls and anti-virus software to protect your files and identity. In the end, what’s yours is yours and you have the right to protect it. What do you currently do to protect yourself? Was there any part of this presentation that surprised or alarmed you? What can you do in your everyday life to better prevent the above mentioned crimes from happening to you? Be safe, be smart, and be prepared.

Elevator Pitch

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MBTI Results

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I was pretty close when I guessed my letters for the MBTI Report today. I guessed ISFP but I turned out to be an INFP, along with 8.8% of the rest of the US population. I wasn’t very surprised at my results, although I did expect to be closer to the sensing side of the spectrum, as opposed to the intuition side. After reading through all the descriptions of what these letters really mean, I can see how I scored what I did and I’m pretty pleased with my results. I don’t usually think of personality tests as accurate or helpful, but this one definitely proved to be both. None of my letters were in the “Very Clear” section, which was to be expected. Only one, perceiving, was even in the “Clear” section. I often find myself on the fence about my opinion about various topics, so this wasn’t a surprise. A 13 in Feeling, a 7 in Intuition, and a 3 in Introversion were my other results. It was almost creepy how accurate the work tasks and work environment categories were. I completely agree with everything listed in these sections. I see myself facing the challenged listed on page 5 and I think the suggested strategies are extremely helpful. I also couldn’t help but smile when I saw musician as the top listed job on the job families ranking on page 8. I know I have the potential to do what I originally came to UNT to do, and this undoubtedly reinforced that. Psychiatrist and Writer are also ranked highly on the most popular occupations list on page 9, which I find interesting. I agree with all the jobs listed in the least popular occupations list on page 10, but I noticed that most of them seem to be leadership or management positions. I don’t see myself as a leader, but that could very well change in the near or distant future.